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Modern-day Machines, King Like Mom, Fauxtrot, & the Atlicic at the Hop Shoppe 1.5.24

The first show of the year had a packed house! The Hop Shoppe was full of people coming to listen to some great music, eat some food, and have a good time.

The Atlicic

As the first band up, I didn't get to see them, but this was the first show they played in a really long time. I had the opportunity to interview Zeen who's in the band! You can read the interview with him here.


They came all the way out from Philly to play and they had a really great show! They play progressive post-hardcore music. The smoke looked really cool with their set.

King Like Mom

The light for their set was so cool. It looked like rainbow prisms! I love King Like Mom and they played a great with songs from their EP The Need to Bleed. They were also selling stickers and other merch.

KLM is going on a hiatus, but they're going to be writing more music which I'm super excited about!

Modern-day Machines

MDM's set was full of announcements!

They played their new song called Clean Break which features King Like Mom and the rest of their new EP will be released on February 2nd. They also said that Tom, their guitarist, is officially a new member in the band!

They also said that this was going to be their last show for around 6 months and that "Rosefest demonstrated how much power a community can have rallying behind something." Patrick, the lead vocalist, stressed that we should not stop here and continue showing up for people and causes that we care about.

Rose then said, "If you're with someone you love hold their hand" before playing their song You Can't Get There From Here.

The night was finished out strong with Chop Suey by System of a Down!

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