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My personal comic, Joyriding, is a compilation of one page stories that feature small moments between friends, the ones that really count. I wanted to create this so I can share some of my favorite nostalgic memories through characters inspired by my best friends and times where they made me feel confident and not afraid to be myself. 

The Other Side

co-writer and artist

This is concept art for a graphic novel I've been working on since 2017 with my great friend Andy McIntyre. It's a sci-fi adventure-romance about a dejected guy named Mike who, on New Years Eve, is transported into a parallel universe! On a road trip with his new friend Paige, he grapples with his feelings of yearning to stay in this new epic world and his responsibility to go back home to where he belongs.

We started a blog where we post updates, sketches, and our progress! You can see it here!

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

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I do commission pieces! Feel free to DM me on Instagram of you would like to buy some art or just want to say hi!

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