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The Concept

of Oranges

Illustrated by Me
check out more of my art HERE!

Originally called Block5, The Concept of Oranges was born in late 2019 by a few college students who just wanted to jam out. With Lauren Williams on vocals, Dennis Rojas and Alex Wei on guitar, Emily Casey on bass, and Tabor Lapensee on the drums, they went on to release their single Blue at SVA Unplugged (a virtual open mic night) in December of 2020. A year later on November 19, 2021, The Concept of Oranges performed their first show at WSVA Unplugged in-person!


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Blue - the Concept of Oranges
Official Virtual WSVA UNplugged Performance Video

WSVA Unplugged 2021 - Live

WSVA Unplugged 2021 - The Concept of oranges performing in-person!!!

What's new Scooby-Doo?Cover- The concept of oranges
Halloween music Video!

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