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MakerSpace NYC Holiday Market 12.9.23

MakerSpace NYC is a community based makerspace that provides access to industrial equipment and classes where you can learn skills like welding, woodworking, sewing, 3D printing, pottery and more. They have 2 locations, one in Brooklyn and one in Stapleton, Staten Island where they host many events that support creators like this Holiday Market!

Connected to SI's MakerSpace is MakerPark Radio. DJs from the station played music for the event and offered Irish coffees!

There was so much to see at all the tables. There was jewelry, candles, paintings, photographs, vintage pieces and more. Below I highlighted some vendors so you can learn more about them!

Poddery by Donna - Link

Using milkweed pods as a base, she creates ornaments and decorations emulating birds, angles, stars, as well as any other ideas she can imagine. She collects the milkweed pods locally and harvests from her yard. She then dries them so she can then use them in her creations. She also loves to go to the beach and find bleach glass to incorporate into her pieces. She also incorportates wool in her pieces that she uses to make cat toys and coin purses. She told me that she sources her wool locally from the Staten Island Zoo and she loves the natural part of her creations.

Parlor Trick Prints - Link

Keri's art is inspired by vintage poster art, folklore and the supernatural. A lot of her pieces are digital prints on wood, t-shirts, and totebags and also screen printing and block printing on paper. I really like her dark and occult style. You may also know Keri from her stained glass art style installation at the New Dorp SIR station called "Creeping on Where Time Has Been." You can read about it here.

Hey, Dollface! - Link

Jen uses vintage and new components of mixed media like resin to make her retro style jewelry and accessories. All the flowers that she uses are from Staten Island. They come from her yard with some other wildflowers woven in. When I spoke to her she said that vending is not about sales for her, it's about hanging out with people and community.

"It keeps me going when I see customers come back with their kids getting bigger and bigger."

Jen is also a costume designer in addition to her jewelery and is a part of the IATSE Local 764 Union for Theatrical Wardrobe.

Hey Viv! - Link

Viv sells retro clothing and accessories! She had a wide variety of differnet patterns and colors so if you love vibrant pieces, check her out. Viv also told me about Day de Dada, a performance art collective of participatory and experimental art on Staten Island that she started in 2002. Originally a one day event, Day de Dada has grown to curate spontaneous and experimental performance art, installations, video, film, music, noise and interactive events that take place throughout the year. It's focus is to enjoy the free nature of Dada art which channels sponateous expression, negation, and absurdity.

Grand Trine Designs - Link

Meg creates colorful pots, coasters, plant propogation stations, trays and more! What makes her art different from other resin products is that she uses eco-resin whichhas no hazardous air pollutants which minimizes the release of potentially hazardous chemicals while epoxy resin, the more commonly used type, have more chemicals and vapors. Having this eco-friendly option is really cool especially when the designs are beautiful like hers.

More Links:

Article by Em Casey


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