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Starting Staten Island Locals!

Last week I hosted my first show of Staten Island Locals at WSVA Radio. Honestly I didn't really know I was starting the show until I got into the booth, but I'm glad that I'm here!

I'm Emily Casey and I'm the Director of Photography and Videography at WSVA Radio at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. During my first Tuesday shift of the semester there wasn't a show scheduled so I decided that I might as well start one! I didn't know what to make the show about, so I started thinking about what I know and that's where I live: Staten Island.

Staten Island has this little local music scene thats growing pretty fast. Bands are playing shows all the time at Mother Pug's, Flagship Brewery, The Hop Shoppe, Juicy Lucy's and all those places, and I want people to be able to hear these great bands.

For now until I get my feet on the ground I'm going to really just be playing some music and maybe talk a little bit here and there, but in the future I hope to have some artists on for interviews and Q&A's.

If you're in a band from Staten Island and want your music to play on our show DM us on Instagram: @StatenIslandLocals and follow us for updates on the show!

A picture of me if you don't know what I look like and haven't realized the rest of the website is literally my portfolio lol.


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