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Episode 1: Music and Yelp Reviews 10.10.22

Last week on the Radio Show I kept it pretty simple because I'm still figuring out how to host a show! Even so, I played some music and read some crazy Yelp reviews for classic Staten Island places.

Music Played:

Modern-day Machines - You Can't Get There From Here

The Parallel Lines - Dream Girl, Deep Enough

Caroline Meade - I HATE IT!, Streetcar, Catcher

Willowbrook - The Way I Handle, We'll Say We Had, If Nobody's Got You By Now

On Pink - MAD MAN., Craisin in the Sun

Stinky Boys T.E.A. - Punko Garbo

Spotify playlist that i refer to during the show:

Here's the Yelp reviews if you want to read them!

The Ferry

Willowbrook Park

Dave and Busters in the Mall

The Mall

See ya next week!


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