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Episode 2: A Long Ass Playlist 10.18.22

This week I wasn't able to be in the booth for the show since I was working on a film set, so the Radio Station played a playlist I sent them for us. It featured a bunch of other bands that I didn't play last week. I wasn't able to record it, so there's no video, but here's the order of the songs we played:

We played:

Jacuzzi Fire - Tropic Goth, Noon Moon

The Uncertain - Forget About Me, Ask Me How I Feel

Silkstone - Slump, Time

Gamma Ghouls - They Live, Come to Daddy

Jigsaw Youth - Attacks, Smother, I Cud Crash & Burn

Scum Shots - Babylon Traffic, Day Drinking

The Parallel Lines - Black Hole, Burnout, J.E.D.K.H

Eterna - 999, woman

I like to play multiple songs from each band in a row so you can see how you like the band and usually I'll announce them so you can look them up and see when they're playing shows.

If you want, I have a Spotify Playlist that I source from when I'm live so if you want to see all the music I have on there, here's the link!

If you know any artists I can add to the playlist or should play live, DM us on instagram @StatenIslandLocals

See ya next week!


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