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Staten Island Locals on WSVA Radio: Ben Soto Skate Park, The Kreischer Mansion, & When We Were Young 10.25.22

Today I was so tired because I just flew back in to NYC from Vegas. Over the weekend I went to When We Were Young Fest and I'm sure, if you keep up with emo news, you know about what happened out there. In this week's show I talked a bit about my experience there along with some Staten Island Halloween events/concerts happening this weekend and an update about the Ben Soto Skatepark courtesy of @sha0linsfinest on Instagram!

Relistening to the audio on this one, I sound a lot more confident talking into the mic lol. 2 weeks ago I was so scared and I'm def still getting used to hearing myself.

Music Played:

On Pink - Craisin in the Sun

The Parallel Lines - Burnout

Willowbrook - The Way I Handle

The Uncertain - Ask Me How I Feel, Forget About Me

Callshot - Friends

Vega Maestro - Bombardier

Gamma Ghouls - They Live

Modern-day Machines - Signals


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