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Episode 4: Guest: Tom Clinton! His Art, Terrifier 2, SI Crime, & Influencers 11.01.22

Tom Clinton came on the show this week! He’s a film editor, musician, and YouTube creator. Hear him talk about the music videos he helped create for the Parallel Lines and his music! some things we talked about was Halloween Weekend, the Terrifier Films since the director is from Staten Island, SI Crime making us uncomfortable, and what Influencers like Jeff Wittek and Logan Paul are doing. I still can't believe Logan Paul is on WWE.

Having Tom on was so fun! He's our first guest speaker on the show and since I wasn't by myself in the booth there was so much more spirit. I'm very much an extrovert and bounce off of other people's energy and Tom has a lot especially since he's a YouTuber. (ThatGuyWhoGames)

I'm so thankful to be able to have him on the show and be able to talk to him about his experience!

I've never shown pics from inside the booth before. The WSVA Radio Station is a really fun place to be. You can tell it's pretty much built from the ground up by the students who run the station at the School of Visual Arts. I love the atmosphere, it's very DIY and I'm so happy to be a part of a community like this.

You can listen to WSVA Radio 24/7 on

And Staten Island Locals is Live on Tuesdays 5pm - 6pm EST at the same site!

We played:

Goon Dads - Blue Pig

The Parallel Lines - Dream Girl, Deep Enough

WHALESTALK - Love Me (When You're Gone)

Mind Your Own - Rips Me Down

Specialists - Head in My Hand

King Like Mom - Tantrum

As always here's our Spotify Playlist that I source from when I'm live so if you want to listen to some Staten Island bands in your free time, here's the link!

If you know any artists I can add to the playlist or should play live, DM us on instagram @StatenIslandLocals or Twitter @SiLocals


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