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Episode 5: Guest: Ben Satt! Gill Village, Dairy Palace, and a SUPER OBVIOUS DUCK 11.08.22

This week we had on Ben Satt as a guest speaker! We talked about his comic Gill Village and his inspirations for it, the Jewish community on Staten Island, a SUPER OBVIOUS DUCK, and Dairy Palace! 🥛🏰

Look how OBVIOUS this duck is. I've lived in my house since I was born and I've never noticed this OBVIOUS DUCK.

Look at this amazing Happy Mother's Day pizza this is TOTALLLYYY from Dairy Palace I swearrrr.

Songs Played:

Burnout, The Parallel Lines

Call Me When I Get Home, SuperFuture

Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd

American Cheese, Vega Maestro

Noon Moon, Jacuzzi Fire

Sidestep, The Jazztronauts

If Nobody's Got You By Now, Willowbrook



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