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Episode 6: Guest: Caroline Meade! Highlighting Female SI Artists & Caroline's I HATE IT! 11.15.22

Today we had a very special guest on the show, Caroline Meade! Caroline and I went to high school together, so this was a very nostalgic show for me. We talked about her newest single "I HATE IT !" and how her feelings behind the song and the music video have different meanings.

On the show we also played all female artists and it was the first time we had a guest call in. It was a very special show, so I hope you give it a listen!

Songs Played this week:

  • Victoria Rymer, Stay

  • King Like Mom, Tantrum

  • SuperFuture, Adriana

  • Jigsaw Youth, She's Alright

  • Eterna, Strange

  • The Uncertain, Forget About Me

  • Caroline Meade, I HATE IT!

  • The Sylvers, Wish That I Could Talk To You

  • Mind Your Own, Rips Me Down

  • The Concept of Oranges, Blue

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Follow Caroline Meade on Instagram @when_you_weara_striped_sweater and listen to her music on Spotify!

Watch Caroline's music video here! It's super fun and has lots of different references in it.

I was a gaffer on the music video and it was so fun to be a part of! Here's some behind the scenes photos from the shoot! Photos taken by @zellle on Instagram! See if you can spot me in the shots! Shoutout to Bimbos Productions and everyone who worked on the video! It was amazing being on set with so many talented people. You can find the credits on Bimbos Production's Instagram post about the video!


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