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A Night of Art at Hub17 4.08.23

I usually write about local concerts, but recently I attended "A Night of Art" at Hub17 and I felt like it was my duty to write about it. This was the first time I've been to Hub17 and it's a really neat spot. It's a gallery, theatre space, and studio right off of Bay Street.

There was so many cool art pieces at this event full of expression, color and texture that consisted of a broad variety of mediums including paintings, photographs, lino prints, digital art, and mixed media pieces. It felt very cohesive even though every artwork was by a different artist.

The event was extremely successful too! So many people came. The place was packed from the beginning to end. It was so cool seeing so many people come together to support each other and local artists.

The event was organized by Jahtiek Long who's a multidisciplinary artist who greatly contributes to the creative community on Staten Island.

Make sure to support the artists and look them up.

Jahtiek Long - Instagram

Hub 17 - Instagram


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