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Female Centric Faber at Faber Skate Park 10.1.23

For the second year in a row Faber Skate Park was filled with music, art, and friends. The park was bustling and full of people kicking it back at the island’s only Female & LGBTQIA+ skate event aiming to shine light on marginalized communities & their artistry.

SuperFuture -

The first band to play was SuperFuture. They dressed up as Princess Bubblegum and Finn from Adventure Time which I thought was really cute. Today they were a duo and they played some great songs. Izzy's voice is so strong. A lot of people were blown away by her skill and talent.

The Parallel Lines - WithKoji

TPL wasn't originally on the lineup but they still rocked. They filled in for Modern-day Machines and King Like Mom who had to drop out due to COVID. :( Just like last year, they played a great set full of bops mixed with a more punk vibe. They're a great band to skate to or to just hang out and listen.

Grandma Drinks -

They came on as a special guest and played their new music from their latest release Geriatric Jams. Grandma in the past was known more as a cover band and it's cool seeing them perform some of their own music especially because all the guys in the band are so talented.

Bride Riot -

Hailing from New Jersey, Bride Riot was the only all female band performing at the event. They also had the funnest costumes. Hotdog drummer stole the show and as their lead said, "The hot dog is the source of this band." As the definition of punk, Bride Riot killed their performance. And who knew Luigi could shred?

Jacuzzi Fire -

Brought the heat. They all wore dresses for the female centric event. Something I thought was really nice that they did was that for one of their songs they gave an opportunity for the girls at the event to own the skate park. They told the guys to take a break so the women can skate. They also did a kick flip contest where the winner got some merch. They showed off why they're one of the more popular bands on Staten Island. I thought the Puerto Rican conga drum was super cool.

Pastel -

Their last show before going on hiatus. Nick the vocalist and keytarist had everyone enamored with his crazy singing voice and stage presence. The whole band was so fun to watch. They have so much personality and vibrancy like their most recent single, Full Color.

Art in the Park!

A bunch of artists displayed their art. Jacuzzi Fire had a t-shirt making station where you could spray paint your own Jacuzzi Fire merch with a stencil on a Skate to Elevate shirt. I made mine red and blue! Another highlight, Pam Aliotta sold her crochet creations which was really cool. We also showed off our own Staten Island Locals Zine. If you're interested, DM us on Instagram.

Thank you for creating such a diverse and lively event!

Follow the Organizers:

Music by DJ: @jeansgallo

Yoga with: @jay.yyogi

Art in the Park with: @prismvisions_

Refreshments courtesy of: @drinkarizonaskate

DCA Premier Grant from: @statenarts

If you want to see Faber Skate Park continue to thrive, sign this petition for cleaning, new lights and a potential new obstacle!


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