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Mother Pug's Halloween Fest 10.28.22

Any show at Mother Pug’s Saloon becomes a night to remember, especially when your favorite band is playing. This year's Halloween weekend Mother Pug’s Saloon gave us not just one, but four groups of musically inclined Staten Islanders and even a fifth band of talented humans from New Jersey!

High-Risk Maneuver

The night opens with the talents of High-Risk Maneuver all dressed up as Ed, Edd &

Eddy, with Plank too! For H-RM’s second show on the island they were definitely one of my favorites. They bring back that 2000’s punk nostalgia from their sound to the way they carry themselves on stage. There’s just something about their lead singer and the way he plays his guitar that makes me think of the early days of Green Day.


The Scooby-Doo Gang AKA SuperFuture takes the stage immediately after. As a girl myself, when a band’s lead is another girl it always warms my heart. Even more so when they can sing like the lead of SuperFuture. Her vocals really pierce through the crowd as if she's forcing you to hear what she's got to say in the best way. Watch out Paramore, Staten Island is coming for you!


For the third band of the night was Pastel dressed as Shrek, Lord Farquad, Pinnochio and Donkey! Their set was a mix of a lot of cool genres like new wave, funk and alt rock. Their riffs were infectious to say the least, and the energy they brought to the crowd made the night feel like we never wanted it to end.


My absolute favorite band played fourth that night. The Parallel Lines took the stage as Hugh Hefner and The Bunnies in full suits! TPL takes over the crowd like no other when they play their originals, whether they are released yet or not. All chaos ensues when the first chord of Destroyer escapes the speakers. I’ve gotten my best bruises to that song. The Parallel Lines are changing our little Staten Island music scene with every show that they play.


After a costume contest intermission the last band of the night, Jacuzzi Fire, finally took the stage. Dressed as The Village People, Jacuzzi Fire gives us that yacht-punk rock good good. Their psychedelic sound and ska-like beats bring a different sound to the show but keep the crowd moving. With a real fun cover of The YMCA the crowd was super engaged and loving every second of it. There wasn't a person in there who wasn't doing the hand movements for it.

Here's some more pics from that night!

Photos taken by Frank from High-Risk Maneuver - Instagram

Check out the bands on social media!

High-Risk Maneuver - Instagram - Spotify

SuperFuture - Instagram - Spotify

Pastel - Instagram - Spotify

The Parallel Lines - Instagram - Spotify

Jacuzzi Fire - Instagram - Spotify

Written by Pam Aliotta - Instagram


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