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"The Need to Bleed" King Like Mom EP Release Party at Mother Pugs 1.27.23

The place was PACKED. The most people I've seen at Pugs ever. I've never seen any of these bands live before and it was awesome getting to hear them play their songs that I've played so often on the radio show.

SuperFuture - linktree

SuperFuture was up first and they absolutely killed it.

It was so great to see people in the crowd singing along to their songs like Another Day, Adriana, and Me N U. One of my favorite moments of their set was when Isabel, their singer, pulled out her keyboard and played. All of their songs are so catchy and fun to dance to.

Modern-Day Machines - linktree

I really love their use of different elements in their songs that create this ethereal yet heavy and grounded sound. They're so talented and their set was wonderful. They brought out some LED lights that illuminated the stage.

Their lead singer Patrick plays the bass which is so cool. And Rose shredded on the guitar before her quick-change into her second outfit for her set with King Like Mom.

King Like Mom - "The Need To Bleed" EP

The headliner of the night!!!!!! To debut their new EP "The Need to Bleed" they all dressed in red. They're the only all girl band from Staten Island on the radar right now and they have such a unique sound. The emotion in their songs are so raw and it's an awesome experience to see them play.

In the back they were selling merch with their metal butterfly logo on it. Their logo is so cool and everywhere I go I've been getting complements on my shirt I got from them. Congrats on the new EP!!!

Photos taken by Em Casey - Instagram


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