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Naughty or Nice Holiday Show at Mother Pug's 12.22.23

With red lights and green walls, Mother Pug's really felt like the perfect place to host a holiday party. I really had a great time at the show and loved seeing everyone's holiday outfits. Post No Bills, Curious Volume, Thespian, and Chris and the Chrisettes were playing. Post No Bills went on first and I didn't get to see them play. All the bands mentioned that they were awesome and I'll catch them next time. Next up was Curious Volume!

Curious Volume

About a year ago Staten Island Locals did an interview with Curious Volume about their comeback and it was awesome finally getting to see them play. The band started back in 2006 and in the past year they started playing shows again. I really liked the energy they brought ot the stage and meaning behind their songs. They dedicated their last song to one of their friends and it was very touching. Definitely a great time seeing such a long-standing artist from Staten Island.


I learned a few of their songs putting together the music for the Staten Island Locals radio show and it was great getting to hear songs that I knew and was able to sing along to. My favorite song of theirs is Nightmare Illusion. Their sound is super groovy and they absolutely shred.

Chris and the Chrisettes

The main Chris in question is their drummer Chris Peters who also played for Thespian! They played rock versions of popular songs like Feliz Navidad and some Jewish songs like Adam Sandler's Chanukah song. A special highlight of their set was Mike Scionti playing saxophone. I love when bands bring other instruments you don't usually see into their performances. It makes things so fun!

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