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Ugly Christmas Sweater Party at the Hop Shoppe 12.8.23

Last Saturday I headed over to the Hop Shoppe to get in the holiday spirit. Bad Answer, Arckist, Campainer, and Awedit were playing that night. I saw a lot ofo familiar faces come out to the show which was nice and I had some greart food from the kitchen.

Bad Answer - Link

They started out the night with terrific energy. The lighting at the Hop Shoppe is always so vibrant and fun which really complemented their lively set. Their style features some nastolgic elements of pop punk and it makes for a great set. They were selling some fun merch that reminded me of Rodrick's ban Löded Diper from Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

"Honestly, we're very thankful so many of our friends and new people came out to see us and support us. Especially Campaigner, they were extremely kind to us." -Bad Answer

Arckist - Link

Last time I saw them was here at the Hop Shoppe for their Halloween Hootananny show. Just like in October they were really great to watch and listen to. Their lead has such energetic vocals. They were rocking out in all the smoke from the fog machine.

Campainer - Link

Although their set was cut a little short, they still put on a great show.

Steven said that for their last show they made it off the island and played at The Delancey. "It was different from a Jeff Enrage Staten Island show. There was a rap group that brought a lot of people out and it was cool that they got to see our stuff." They also shouted out Bad Answer and said that they're genuine people. It's great to see artists supporting other artists on and off the island!

Awedit - Link

The first time I heard of Awedit was at last year's Jeff Enrage Ugly Christmas Sweater Show. THey played with the Parallel Lines and Good Dads at Mother Pug's. I remember really enjoying their set and tonight was no different. Over the year I've listed to their music a fair bit and have played it on the Staten Island Locals radio show. It was awesome getting to see them play again after becoming so familiar with their music. Something that sets their music apart is that for the most part there's no vocals, only instrumentals. They combine lots of differnet genres to make a satisfying and unique sound. They also played The Imperial March from Star Wars and added their own flair on it which was sick.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest!

Jeff lined up the contestants and the winner was based on crowd vote. The sweaters featured faces like Bob Ross and Tupac. The last two sweaters that the vote came down to was killer clown and balls deep. They both had lights in them that lit up!

After a round of cheering Rayna, the killer clown, won! The prize was $50. Rayna is a great friend of Staten Island Locals. She's also been featured as a guest writer on our website!

Presented by Jeff Enrage at the Hop Shoppe

Photos taken by Em Casey


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