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Pastel, Modern-day Machines, & Silkstone in Rayna's Backyard 5.27.23

On May 27th my backyard was transformed into a vibrant hub of music and creativity. Local bands Pastel, Modern Day Machines, and Silkstone took the stage, captivating the audience with their incredible performances. The atmosphere was electric as about 70 music enthusiasts gathered to support the thriving local music scene.

But it wasn’t just about the music! I wanted to leave the people satisfied not only musically, but also appetite wise so I offered a variety of treats. From hot dogs to white claws and beers, everyone had something to satisfy their cravings. Brad Ayers says: “It was a fun experience with everyone hanging out despite the cops being called because of a noise complaint by the time it hit 8pm.” You know it’s loud enough when the cops get called. Luckily the show started at 5pm so the show was pretty much over by the time it had to be shut down.

This backyard show showcased the immense talent within the local music scene. It provided a platform for emerging artists and creatives to showcase their skills and connect with a supportive community. It’s events like these that truly foster a sense of camaraderie and inspire the growth of the artistic community. Some neighbors in the area heard the music and even stopped by to watch and listen. It was Emma Pesin’s first outdoor Staten Island show with her being newer to the local scene and she says: “It was great meeting a lot of new people and hearing good music. I loved getting on the mic and freestyle singing during the jam afterwards. It was a judgement free zone and I felt very comfortable.”

Shoutout to the support of my friends for helping out at the gate with collecting funds to pay the musicians and James for making the hot dogs for those who wanted. James Piersack says: “I liked cooking for everyone. It always feels good feeding people. And the musicians are talented AF.” My mom also showcased her chocolate covered strawberry business Sinfully Sweet by making boxes and giving free samples to everyone. Gregory Hudson and Tommy Mulvaney photographed the event as well. Let’s continue to support and celebrate the talented individuals who make our local music scene shine!



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