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Silkstone at Mother Pug's 11.12.22

This weekend I saw Silkstone play! I always play them on the radio show and wanted to go to one of their shows. Their set was really fun and they had such an exciting stage presence. I filmed a song of theirs (video coming soon) and got a few words from their bassist, Anthony Cali!

"My favorite thing about playing shows is the energy from the crowd and that back and forth, give and take. That energy just gets me alive. Playing with the band we all synchronize and feel the music and that's what it's all about."

It was awesome seeing them get to play! I wish I could've stuck around to see some of the other bands that night, but I had head out early.

Follow Silkstone on Instagram: @silk.stonenyc & listen to them on Spotify

Check out the other bands that played that night Jacuzzi Fire, Hollow Pledge, Horrible Timing, August on Sunday


Photos taken by Em Casey - Instagram


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