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Punk Island at American Veteran's Memorial Pier 6.18.23

The American Veteran's Memorial Pier / 69th St. Pier, a popular fishing spot in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, was the original destination of the Staten Island Ferry before the Verrazano Bridge was built. It felt only right for me to take the South Brooklyn Ferry to Punk Island. We had a great view of the city and it dropped us off right in the middle of the festival.

Moxie Pocket, GAL, His Sweatshirt, Shred Flintsone, InCircles, Jekssaira, Foul Pride:

With previous venues such as Maria Hernandez Park, Randall's Island, Governor's Island, and our very own Pier 1 next to the Staten Island Ferry on Staten Island, Punk Island had been going strong for 15 years. This year on Father's day it celebrated its quinceañera and hosted a packed lineup of bands. 28 bands played over the course of the day at 3 stages and 14 artists showcased their zines at tables inbetween.

Eevie Echoes and the Locations, Uncle Pizza, Hardly Fits:

La Gente

Something really wholesome about Punk Island is how much they take the idea of all ages to heart. The festival was on Father's day and there were a bunch of punk families around enjoying the music and art.

I also just loved seeing all the people who came to listen, mosh, and be a part of this community. It was a very welcoming space and everyone was really into the bands. When one set ended the pit would just move over on to the next tent and somehow go harder. Here's some of my favorite pics I took of the crowd.


And finally to close out our recap of the event here's pics of our honorary Staten Island representative Enrage! Everyone had so much fun running around in the circle pit. I remember Jeff, their lead, telling people to high five him on their way around and people loved it.

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Make sure to check out all the artists who were a part of the event!

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Photos taken by Emily Casey


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