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Touch Grass Backyard Show! Hosted by Bad Answer with Campaigner and Grandma Drinks

With the weather warming up I think it's about time we all go out and touch some grass. Dan, the lead singer of local punk band Bad Answer felt the same. He graciously hosted the first backyard show of 2024 last Saturday on April 13th in his backyard in Tottenville.

Chef Frank flipping some burgers

The band Grandma drinks started out the afternoon with some chill tunes while we ate our "mystery meat sandwiches" that was advertised on the poster. They played some new originals including their song "Garage Beer." It was nice hanging out listening to them play as I asked around about what the sandwiches were all about. Along side some burgers and hot dogs Frank from the band Scum Shots was cooking up some venison! This was the first time I ever had venison and Frank did a wonderful job. Thank you, chef!

Grandma Drinks is known for their heavy punk performances and playing really loud. The type of heavy that gets you the win in Maker Park Radio's battle of the bands back in November of 2023. It was nice to see them take a different pace, but of course their roots needed to shine through and they finished out their set with their most popular cover "Killing In The Name" by Rage Against the Machine. Everyone had fun moshing to the acoustic version of the song. It was a silly moment where everyone was just having some fun.

Next up the hosts of the afternoon played their set. Bad Answer is a relatively new band on the scene. They've been a band for 2 years now and they just put out their first album that's self titled. One of my favorite songs by them is "Beach Date." Inspired by their hate for sand, you can tell that they had a lot of fun writing it and when they played it, you felt that energy there as well.

Carlos from the band Campaigner and The Suds filled in on drums and he had a pretty cool setup. He had some buckets along with a djembe and a tambourine for cymbals. It really went with the DIY vibe of some friends getting together and making a great time from scratch.

The weather wasn't the best, but it didn't stop the good times from rolling. After Bad Answer's set, the show moved inside to the living room. The band Campaigner closed out the show with some unreleased songs that will be featured on their upcoming album to be released this summer. We debuted their song "Gloria" on last month's Staten Island Locals Radio Show on Maker Park Radio.

Campaigner taking over the living room

Campaigner is new to the scene as well. They've only been a band for 9 months, but with their talent and determination they've played shows all over SI at venues like the Hop Shoppe, Mother Pug's Saloon, and the Ole Swiss. They have a different sound than lots of bands that usually play at those venues. They're more indie rock than punk. It's a cool vibe.

Thank you Bad Answer for hosting a wonderful show! Here's the links to everyone:

Bad Answer - Instagram

Campaigner - Instagram

Grandma Drinks - Instagram

Chef Frank - Instagram

Writer & Photographer Em Casey - Instagram


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