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Mudslide and Left Hook at the Ole Swiss

A while ago a band reached out to me asking me to promote their show at Monsignor Farrell Christmas Tree Lighting. The first thing I thought to myself was Farrell? But figured it would probably be a fun show, so I promoted them. And then I saw the pictures. There was a whole stage set up and Tom, their singer was crowd surfing. It brought be back to the shows I used to go to in high school where everyone was just excited to be a part of something. It was awesome to see.

Mudslide at The Ole Swiss

The Ole Swiss is the grounds for new bands breaking into the scene. Since it's all ages, it brings a young excited crowd that's super refreshing. And when I heard that Mudslide was playing a show there, I had to go. I knew it was going to be a great time, and with their energy, I can see them growing into one of the main bands that play the island.

The show was so fun! They brought out all their friends to party with them and they played covers from metal bands like Metallica.

I reached out to the members after the show to ask them some questions about the band and their goals for the future!

How and when did Mudslide first start?

"Mudslide has seen several members come and go since its start, but the current lineup has been solidified since early March. Initially comprising Tom as the rhythm guitarist and vocalist, Lucas on bass, and Emily on drums, the band later welcomed John as our lead guitarist, recommended by Emily. John seamlessly integrated into the group, being the perfect addition.

"We all enjoy playing together, allowing us to pull our show together in such a short amount of time."

What was your favorite part of playing the show last night?

"The highlight of the performance, for us, was the electrifying and overwhelming support from both the audience and our fellow musicians. We were very unsure of how we would be perceived by the crowd but was evident that our music resonated with the crowd, and witnessing their enthusiasm was amazing . After pouring countless hours of dedication into our set, experiencing such positivity was immensely rewarding. It really highlighted the significance of our hard work and we hope to continue to build this connection with our audience."

What does Mudslide have in store for us in the future?

"Mudslide hopes to expand our presence in the local music scene, delivering more performances featuring your favorite tunes! Our aim is to develop a devoted fan base, laying the groundwork for future ventures such as recording more original tracks and, ultimately, launching our debut album."

I also stayed for the band Left Hook who's name I've seen on posters, but haven't had the pleasure of seeing play before. I really liked their energy. They were a lot less metal and more pop punk. I had a lot of fun listening to their more alternative sound. It was very chill and I enjoyed it a lot.

In the next year I hope to hear even more new voices in the scene. There's always something going on and I'm excited to see what the rest of the year is going to offer.


Mudslide - Instagram

Left Hook - Instagram

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