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Rosefest at Flagship Brewery 12.2.23

RoseFest is a benefit festival for Rose Couchon organized by the members of one of Rose's bands King Like Mom. They put together the event after they found out that Rose was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia to help cover basic living expenses and reduce financial stress for her and Patrick Wakie during this unforseen time.

Leading up to the fest, there was a great amount of support on social media and from the Staten Island music scene at large. The profits from events such as Maker Park Radio's Battle of the Bands was donated through the Rise Up For Rose Fundraiser. It wasn't until RoseFest that you were truly able to see with your eyes how much Rose's recovery means to people.

The turnout was huge. To see hundreds of people come out to support a beloved member of our community and create such a loving and fun atmosphere in difficult times was so emotionally moving. Seeing Rose being "crowd-surfed by the entire community" really showed how much people care about others on Staten Island.

Be The Match

Rosie, a representative form Be The Match, got on the mic to elaborate on a great opportunity that was available at the event: how to register as a bone marrow donor. Registrating with an organization like this could save lives of those diagnosed with leukemia and adjacent illnesses. She explained how simple it is to register with just a 2 minute swab test! If you would like to join the Be The Match Registry go to this link!

So Last Summer

The pop-punk/emo cover band started out the night fun with so much fun. They played so many songs that everryone was able to sing along to. As the night continued there were also a few guest appearances from some friendly faces in the music scene. Izzy and Justin from SuperFuture, Pete from Jacuzzi Fire, Shaun from Our Own Yokos, and more sang hits like Say It Aint So, Heart-Shaped Box, Decode, One Step Closer, and Holiday by Green Day where Pete wittily replaced a line to say "The Representative from Staten Island has the floor." They brought so much energy and buzz to the room.


This was Lioness's first show in 2 years. "I couldn't think of a better show to come back for." They played some songs from their first EP called The Well including "Take Me Away" and "Losing It."Alexandra strummed a stunning pink sparkly guitar while she, and Amanda on bass, both sang. Seeing a band like Lioness reminds us that women have just as much of a place in the rock scene. They're so talented and it was a joy to see them perform.

Modern-day Machines

Rose plays the guitar on MDM and before they performed, she said some touching words inspired by the winnings for the 50/50 raffle being donated back to Rise Up for Rose.

"I'm not going to take too much time although everyone knows I love the spotlight... I truly belive that music saved my life. The doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering are also saving my life, but music has saved my in my darkest times... I would've never anticipated this community becoming a part of my family and uplifting me. To see people who knew me as a 12 year old donating back to save me... I feel like I'm being crowd-surfed by the entire community."

Modern-day Machines only played one song, their single Skin and Bones, but they made it count.

Jigsaw Youth

Haven't played at home in Shaolin for over a year and half. With balsamic vinegar spilled on the ground and a mic stand broken, it's safe to say their set was undeniably punk. Everyone was forced to the front and with the first push, a mosh pit started in the middle of Flagship Brewery.

On their Instagram they summarized RoseFest perfectly. "It was such a beautiful night and really inspiring to see how strong our community is here when we need to help someone we love."

Vendors & Raffles!

The tables lining the sides of the venue featured baked goods by Josie, jewelry, art, and merch from various artists! There were also Raffles from local businesses on the island as well as a hand crocheted sweater and hat made by Rose herself. A backdrop for photos was made by Laura Pannone!


Follow the Bands:

Check out the music video for Tantrum by King Like Mom

Thanks to Jonathan for help on the article!


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