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Alpaca, Phantoms & Fables, Campaigner, Dan Corio Band, and The Champion District at Mother Pug's Saloon 1.20.24


The Champion District

The perfect band to listen to if you want some nostalgic emo pop punk vibes. They have an album out right now on called All You Want To Hear and it's really good.



Campaigner has some slight western vibes mixed in with their alternative rock sound which fit very well with the atmosphere in Pug's Saloon. I love their song they played called Cowboy. The band has overall just good vibes.

Steven, the vocalist, shouted out all the other bands. When he got to Alpaca he added, "Speaking of Alpaca, did you know that they eat that in Peru. Apparently it tastes like low grade steak." I did not know that. Maybe I'll try some next time I'm in Peru (I've never been to Peru).


Phantoms & Fables

Despite Jordan, one of their vocalist's, warning that he jut got a root canal, P&F played a super awesome set! There's no surprise there. They've been friends since the 7th grade and their friendship really came through in their performance. They played original music as well as a cover of I'm Not Okay (I Promise) by My Chemical Romance which was super fun!


Dan Corio Band

This trio had some country vibes to their sound as well. Dan himself resides in Nashville, but he plays lots of shows in NYC and specifically Pug's. One of his biggest goals through his songwriting is being able to reach people through his music. "Mental health is something I take seriously and is not talked about enough. If you feel like you have nothing, this song is called Hold On."



Every once in a while I come across some psychedelic alpaca art on my instagram and I wondered to myself who really is Alpaca. Tonight I finally got to see them live for their first gig. They thanked everyone for coming out in 18 degree weather and then played some popular songs from bands The Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Beatles.

"The band decided it was time to get out of the garage and put on a great show. We unleashed Alpaca on an unsuspecting audience. Next time we won't catch anyone off guard. The response and energy from the crowd was amazing and we appreciated all the positive feedback." - Alpaca

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Photos and article written by Em Casey


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