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Strega Nona, Fracture Type, Sundiver, & Arckist at Mother Pug's Saloon 2.3.24


First to go on was Sundiver! They have a nostalgic pop punk feel and they put their own spin on it. I had lots of fun dancing around to their music. With Zeen's vocals and Tom's drums they really created a great vibe in the room.


Although they're from Jersey, you can spot Arckist playing in a number of places on Staten Island. The past few times I've seen them they were at The Hop Shoppe, and they fit in here with Pug's vibes just as well. I really liked the lead vocalist's mic stand! The base of it was a star ☆!

Fracture Type

Originating from Boston, Fracture Type hypnotized the room. Their vocals mixed with their melodies and heavy base created a very original atmosphere in Pug's. They remind me a lot of the band A Lot Like Birds. If I'm ever in Massachusetts you know where I'll be.

Strega Nona

Strega is always awesome to see. They have great stage presence and you can't help but bang your head to their music. I love their song Like Bone. They're so metal!!!

I also loved Julia's outfit and her frog boots.

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Photography & words: Em Casey


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