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March Madness at Richmond Tattoo 3.10.23

Lady Byrd - Linktree

Lady Byrd went on first and I came a little late so I wasn't able to see her play. I wish I did though because, based off of the pics I saw, she had a very fun set. I love her guitar it's a super unique shape.

On Pink - Instagram

Next was On Pink! They always bring a lot of energy to every set they play. They also have a fair amount of fans that show up which always makes things more fun. They had a projector on while they were playing that showed different youtube videos. It added so much to the performance. There was one song that they played that was really heavy and they put on a video of an MMA match/some kind of fight and it really added to the vibe they they were bringing.

Marvin - Instagram

We have to give a big thanks to Marvin for throwing all these great parties and hosting these great shows. He always brings so much energy and it's fun to see him get up on stage with the bands. He sang California Girls by Katy Perry with On Pink on the instrumentals. Again the projector added so much! They put the music video on in the background and it was so funny seeing Snoop Dogg's face so big on the wall.

CPS - Instagram

Third on was CPS. This trio has arguably the hardest set of the night. They're really interesting to watch because they put everything into playing their music. There was a special spark watching Anthony whip his hair around, Declan play the shit out of the drums, and Aiden grounding the whole performance.

Joe from On Pink helping out fixing Declan's drum because he was playing so hard it almost fell.

Anthony messing with his petals to make some crazy sounds.

Watching them play live you can tell that they are freakishly talented.

Grandma Drinks - Withkoji

For this band, the pictures speak for themselves. Grandma always makes everyone feel wanted. They involve the crowd in all their performances and it always lights the place up since people feel included.

For a song, they had a special appearance! Matt Foronjy from the Parallel Lines hopped on the bass while Sean jumped into the crowd and got the pit going.

Grandma Drinks always gets everyone involved with their set and it's always a crazyyyy time.

Andy and Deke taking a breath after their last song.

SuperFuture - Linktree

The last band in the lineup was SuperFuture. They always put on a good show!

SuperFuture brought on these really cool light boxes onto the stage. At first I thought that they were some kind of speaker but it quickly became apparent that they were these pressure-plated flashing lights! Throughout their set they stood on the boxes and lit up the stage in a way I hadn't seen before. It was sick and also seemed very DIY, so with some research you could probably figure out how to make these yourself if you want to.

Friends :))

all pics taken by Em Casey - Instagram


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