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Marvin's Grad Party at Castleton Corners Pub 12.27.22

Marvin has made a name for himself for throwing epic parties where awesome people come together, celebrate, and see some really cool local bands play. His Pink Birthday Party back in June, also at CCP, was legendary and now his graduation party was just as memorable! It featured the bands The Parallel Lines, On Pink, Vega Maestro, and The Kidz. Castleton Corners Pub is always a fun venue since there isn't a stage and it's pretty small. It really fosters a vibrant energy since it's such an intimate space.

Congratulations on graduating Marvin! Follow him on Insta @marvinzorrilla

Photos taken by Em Casey Insta @ihavelilbones

The Parallel Lines

The Parallel Lines started out the night as strong as ever! Andy, Aaron, Matt, and Angel always know how to get the crowd excited. It's fun to see that people know their original songs and sing along. It makes me happy to know that people are supporting Staten Island artists. Deke was also here and he got behind the mic for their song "Black Hole" that his vocals are featured on. It's such a sick song to hear live especially with Deke present. Stellar performance as always and they set a fun lively tone for the rest of the night! Love those Lines.

On Pink

Next up was another fantastic band, On Pink. They're always super fun to see because they have a crazy stage presence and Tom, Danny, and Joe are so freakishly talented. What sets them aside from a lot of bands is that they incorporate improvisation into their music which always spices things up and getting to see Danny on vocals and drums at the same time is electric. The trio looked like they enjoyed theirselves performing and it translated perfectly to the crowd who really enjoyed their set.


For their last song Marvin fronted On Pink to sing a special song. Everyone sang together and it was a really fun moment to celebrate all he achieved.

Vega Maestro

Another super unique band was next up on stage! Everyone was super pumped to see them way before they even went on. I really like Vega Maestro's integration of different instruments into their music! Aside from guitar, bass, drums, & synth they also used maracas, cow bell, and bongos! They meld genres really well. Sometimes it's more indie rock and at other times it's loud and heavy. When Brian on the keys told everyone to open up the pit, they did immediately. Anyone who tried to leave the bar was swallowed up by the crowd of people having a crazy fun time. Definitely a performance to remember.

A Special Shoutout to the Pit

It was really awesome seeing the other musicians in the crowd supporting each other. See if you can spot members from the other bands!

The Kidz

As soon as The Kidz got on stage everyone went insane. Their opening song was "Sugar, We're Goin Down" by Fall Out Boy so you know everyone was screaming at the top of their lungs and they pulled Jianna Polizzi up on stage to sing the song with them! The Kidz brought the fire and they're definitely a force to be reckoned with. I can confirm that they are my new favorite cover band made up of those kidz from down the block.

Congratulations Marvin on graduating! We're excited to see everything that you will achieve now featuring a new shiny degree. 🤘


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