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New Years BLITZ at Mother Pug's Saloon 1.28.23

The lineup for the night was Local Fish, Poison I.V., Grandma Drinks, The Parallel Lines, and

Jacuzzi Fire! For the second night in a row, Mother Pug's was full of people here for a great show. And for the second night in a row they received one.

Local Fish - linktree

First up was Local Fish and unfortunately I missed their set :(

I really like their song Go Fish off their album "Leave the Block" and I've played it on the radio show before.

Poison I.V. - Instagram

Second on was Poison IV and I did manage to catch their last one or two songs. Their lead singer is like a burst of energy. She's so punk. I loved seeing her put her all into her performance!

Grandma Drinks - withkoji

Suddenly... Grandma entered the stage...

Grandma is probably the most energetic and carefree band on the island. Consisting of an iconic lineup with members from the bands The Parallel Lines, Willowbrook, and Rival Threat + Deke Blackburn, this was one of the top shows I've been to at Pug's. Grandma has so much energy especially with Deke as a a lead singer.

I've only seen him sing "Black Hole" with the Parallel Lines and it was sick to see him in his element jumping around the room with the mic. He was in the crowd almost the whole time. It lit everyone up because as an audience member it feels like you become a part of the band especially since they play covers that everyone knows and screams along.

Scroll for some more pics of their set:

For their last song Grandma pulled Jeff on stage for a cover of Killing in the Name by Rage Against the Machine. Jeff is a bartender at Mother Pug's and of the late Juicy Lucy. He books most of the shows on the island and it's cool to see him at the shows he books.

Jeff - Instagram

The Parallel Lines - withkoji

As usual they slayed. Their energy played so well off the atmosphere that Grandma created. Their more chill vibe gave everyone a break while still keeping everyone engaged and on their feet. A lot of their songs feel very bouncy and easy to dance to. They're always a great band to see live.

Jacuzzi Fire - linktree

This Surf Punk band was the headliner for the night and they closed out the night perfectly. They have a lot of music out so I didn't know every song they played but it didn't matter because they put on a stellar performance. They had a really well curated set with a setlist that flowed smoothly from song to song.

Jacuzzi Fire also pulled Jeff on stage for a song as Pete joked saying that Grandma did it first. They introduced their next song saying Jeff helped them write it so it was only right for him to come up and sing with them.

I really like how Jacuzzi ended off with a slow song. It felt like a really nice end to the night.

AND THEN SUDDENLY someone started chanting for an encore and everyone chimed in. Pete took a look at the sound guy, Phil, and then the band delivered an amazing last song. During the song Pete came down off the stage for a gnarly guitar solo and everyone went crazy.

Overall it was a really great night full of laughs and fun.

Photos taken by Em Casey - Instagram


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