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The Parallel Lines at Big Nose Kate's 11.11.22

I’ve known Andy McIntyre, the lead singer of The Parallel Lines for 5 years now and I've been to every show they've played since they played at that taco place that I forgot what it was called. Over the years I've also became pretty good friends with the other members of the band Aaron McIntyre (drums), Matt Foronjy (bass) & Angel Munoz (guitar) and I've worked with them on their music videos! Every Parallel Lines show is always such a great time.

This show was at Big Nose Kate’s. The place has very chill atmosphere where you can sit at the bar for a nice cold drink or get a table and enjoy the food they offer. One of the bad members Angel got a burger that looked so big and juicy it took him the whole night to eat it!

The vibes were more chill than a normal show, but that didn’t stop people from getting out of their seats to jam to the many songs played that night. My favorite song they play every time has to be Deep Enough. Dream Girl is a close second, but Deep Enough gets the crowd moving like no other song of theirs. The show was a nice background tune as you eat your food or speak to friends.

I think it's awesome that the band is very much open to bringing friends on stage to perform. Members from other bands are often invited to come sing a chorus, opening, or even a whole song! It really makes you see the deep connections this band has with their friends and was enjoyable to see. Even their guitarist Angel got to do vocals for a song!


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