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Ugly Christmas Sweater Party at Mother Pug's 12.10.22

Mother Pug's always has a great atmosphere and Awedit, The Parallel Lines, and Goon Dads really carved out their own unique vibes within the space. I came a little late, so unfortunately I didn't get to see the other other artists before them, but it was still a hell of a show. Something I always think is so cool about a show at Pug's is their setup. The lighting is so vibrant and fun and it really sets the foundation for some great music and entertainment.


First up was Awedit! They're not from Staten Island, but it doesn't matter. They still got the place moving with their music! Their sound was a mix of a lot of different genres: rock, metal, jazz and funk. They went on around 9pm and I enjoyed every minute of their performance until their set was over. I remember they had some funny names for their songs. My favorite song by them is Bright Side of the Sun. I really like the guitar in that song in that one specific part towards the middle. You'll know what I'm talking about when you listen to the song. There's something nostalgic about it for me and I can't stop listening to it over and over.

Everyone in Awedit is super talented and you should check them out on Spotify and Instagram!

The Parallel Lines

Then was the Parallel Lines. Anyone who keeps up with Staten Island Locals can tell I'm super good friends with all of them. The only reason I know most of the bands in the scene is because I go to all the TPL shows. They slayed as always even though Matt, the bassist, was the only one who followed the ugly sweater rules of the night! My favorite song by them is always Black Hole and as always Deke from brkn<3s joined them on stage. There was something super crisp about the performance of that song tonight and they got a big round of applause from everyone there.

The chemistry in the band is always amazing with these guys. Andy on vocals and Angel on guitar had a few nice moments where I saw them make eye contact and just really play together. Matt on bass and Aaron on drums always work together seamlessly. It's great so see great friends having a great time and that energy always transfers to the audience. In their last song they had a little pit forming and Deke and Jaime from Gamma Ghouls jumped up on stage for the big finish.

The Parallel Lines have 2 more shows coming up before 2023: Jucy Lucy Dec 23rd and Marvin's Graduation Party at Castleton Corners Pub on Dec 27th!

The Parallel Lines on Instagram and Spotify

Deke on Instagram and Spotify

Goon Dads

Finally Goon Dads finished out the night. This is the first time I got to see them live and they were better than I could have ever imagined. That bass was gnarly. You can tell just by Will's face in these photos. Like Awedit they played mostly instrumental songs that blends rock, funk, and grooves. My favorite song by them has always been Blue Pig. I've played the song on the Staten Island Locals Radio Show a few times and it was really sick hearing it live. Their sound really filled up the room and you were able to hear all the different intricacies of their playing. 10000000000% recommend seeing Goon Dads at least once. It was really inspiring for my own music.

Everyone in the band are really talented individuals so definitely check out their music! This was their last show of the year. Look out for more shows on 2023 by following Goon Dad's Instagram and listen to them on Spotify!

Overall super sick intimate show last night. Check out some upcoming shows:


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