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Staten Island Locals Coverage of WWWYF 10.23.22

I bought tickets to the the cancelled When We Were Young Day 1 so you didn't have to.

For everyone who said that they know this was going to happen and suck it up, shush. No one could've expected it smh. And like, the wind was real...

Anyways it's fine because I also emptied my wallet and bought tickets that night to When We Were Young Day 2 so you didn't have to!!!!!

I can't believe how many bands there were and I'm so happy that I went. I definitely won't be going next year but it's ok. I had my fill and my heart is full. I talked about my experience in Vegas on the latest Radio Show and I recorded it so you can listen back whenever you want! You can listen to it here!

I would say obviously the best band was My Chem, but oddly enough the most fun crowd was Mom Jeans. I was so mad that A Day to Remember and The Story So Far were on at the same time. I saw the beginning of TSSF and headed over to ADTR to see their full set, and it made me sad having to pick but I enjoyed every second of when I got to experience them!

I did not know that Hayley Williams never sings All I Wanted I am so happy I got to hear it live! It's literally my favorite song by Paramore. I remember freshman year of college my band would play that song all the time because we were obsessedddd. My friend Lauren and I wanted to BE her.

The Full List of Bands I was able to see:

  • Mayday Parade <3

  • We The Kings ✓ yes

  • Boys Like Girls

  • The Starting Line (I didn't know I knew them until I heard their set and I was like OH!)

  • Pierce the Veil ft. surprise Jeremy McKinnon & Kellin Quinn, all my dreams came true

  • 3OH!3 - wasn't a fan live idky

  • Jimmy Eat World - da middle

  • Dashboard Confessional - spiderman

  • Neck Deep - k

  • Mom Jeans - stinky, listen to the Radio Show and I go into more detail ;)

  • BVB - Andy Biersack isn't a real person it's so weird

  • The Story So Far - cried

  • A Day to Remember - died

  • Avril Lavigne ft. surprise All Time Low - slayed

  • Bright Eyes - ????? bro was intoxicated af someone should've held him back or somthn

  • Bring Me the Horizon - :((( Oli's voice rip he couldn't play old stuff

  • Paramore - Hayley just sat and spit facts

  • My Chem - imagine 80,000 people singing the Black Parade with you, there

I still can't believe I saw all my favorite bands from 7th grade in one day. It was everything it was promised to be and more. For everyone who clowned on me for getting tickets over a year ago take a look at my pics :)

Photos I took!


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