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Spooky Summer's End at Richmond Tattoo 9.23.23

With really bad weather that ended up cancelling many events that day there was a chance that there wasn't going to be a lot of people coming out to celebrate the coming of fall with this show. A good amount of people came to see bands Pastel, Modern-day Machines, Vega Maestro, and CPS. There were a lot of friendly faces in the crowd. I recognized a few people from other bands that weren't performing. It's nice to see friends supporting friends, artists supporting artists.

Pastel -

The first band that went on was Pastel. I didn't arrive in time to see their set, but I hear they always have a lot of energy and have a great stage presence. Recently they announced on their Instagram that they're taking a hiatus to figure out what the future holds for them. If you want to see them one last time before their break they're going to be playing at an event called Female Centric Faber at Faber Skate Park on October 1st!

Modern-day Machines -

One of my favorite bands in the SI scene right now. I love how many sounds they incorporate into their songs. Sometimes I feel like I'm in space and at other times I feel very grounded in place. They always blow me away with how clean they play and it's always a fun time especially because I know their songs and like to sing along.

Vega Maestro - Website

The energy shifted when Vega Maestro went on. I like how they can go from gritty to fun and boppy so fast. That range always makes for a fun live show because you can easily form a pit, but for people who aren't into that, you can still have fun dancing normally. They played some songs I knew, but they also played a few new ones which was nice.

CPS - Instagram

The last time I had the pleasure of seeing CPS was also at Richmond Tattoo at March Madness hosted by Marvin Zorilla. Even though they were just a duo tonight, they had so much energy with their performance and in the songs that they played. Unfortunately I had to leave before their set was over, but it was great seeing them again!

A big thank you to Anthony Cali and Alex DeCarlo for hosting the event and don't forget to keep up with Richmond Tattoo because they have a lot of events coming up in October.


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