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Local Vegas Show @ Double Down Saloon - Callshot 10.22.22

When I was out in Vegas the day When We Were Young was cancelled (see more about that festival here) I was thinking to myself maybe we can find a local show. Then suddenly my friend Brigid found one for us to go to at a place called Double Down Saloon! When we saw the word Saloon, we were instantly reminded of Mother Pugs and all the shows they have there. It was super late so we only stayed for one band called Callshot, and they were super fun.

The stage at Double Down was inside and they had this really cool red light blasting through the place. Callshot was great and their last song was about snowboarding! It's so funny, that little detail just stuck with me.

I talked about the show a little bit and played a song by them on the last Radio Show. You can listen to it here!

Follow Callshot on Instagram: @_callshot and look them up on Spotify! I like their song Friends.

Check out these pics I took at the show:


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